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This widget is changing states on a breakpoint despite not having a breakpoint state

Hi Ben the next beta will have a fix that ignores these invalid states that were created in the early 1.5 beta. You should no longer see the Default- (null) in the style bar. 

Selection from the context menu, style bar or style inspector will always be a valid state and you will no longer see the states in the specification screen.

If you still have documents that have items with these invalid states selected (and therefore see default - (null) in the style bar) - please change state to a valid state and you will no longer have a way to select the invalid states again.

I hope this makes sense and eradicates any further errors for you. 

Thanks Al, makes sense.

just a minute ago we released a new 1.6 beta which should fix this bug. While converting a document it checks for files created in 1.5 beta and converts them. 

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