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Fill proportionally

Antetype needs an image fill sizing option that fills the cell completely but keeps the proportions of the image intact. The newest versions of the iWork apps have this and it's really nice.

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It's a good idea! I will add this to the request for the proportional scale of cells as they are dealing with a similar topic ( Will keep you updated on the status.



Praying for proportional scale and proportional image fill in 1.7.

+1 for proportional scaling. It's absolutely critical for the stuff I and my team work on. We need to prototype thumbnail grids and galleries with responsive behaviour, but in all these cases the items need to maintain their aspect ratios while the overall screen responds to browser resizing.

So far I love antetype but without this feature it's basically unusable for us right now. 

+1 from my side as well. I've been trying to experiment with the new scripts to get something that creates dummy images for prototypes (essentially: fill a rectangle from a predefined set of images) much like some plugins for sketch do, and it'd be wonderful to have something like this. 

1.7 has come and this is still not possible but i am still desperately needing it

Yes, it is a must!

Is this feature planed for the 2.0 release? Please make this possible. Thanks!

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