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Separate properties for text styling

I would like there to be separate properties for font family, typeface, and size. That way, for example, I could create a "Headline" widget, and have H1 through H6 as states. Changing the typeface would not affect the size, and typeface could be set as individual, making it easy to change an H2 to an H3, etc.

Would really like to see this. Trying to use text styles as part of a style guide is just too clumsy right now.

Would absolutely love to see this implemented in the near future. Would dramatically simplify our handling of text. One text widget to rule them all.

Hi Ben,

it's a good idea. This change would require a model change and we're not sure whether we will be able to still get it in 1.6. I'll add it to our improvements list though. Will keep you updated.



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