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Change in style bar popover not applying

As reported on Get Satisfaction by @bendansby there are problems when the style editors ignore the changes made sometimes.

Originally posted on Get Satisfaction:

Hi Ben - some of your problems have been related to corrupt widgets that were created in an early Antetype BETA 1.5, but we have found some other scenarios where changes made in the style editors can be lost.

If you click to change selection in the screen inspector or if you click to change state in the style inspector this then results in the changes in the style editor being ignored. 

This problem happens because the selection is changing before the editor can commit the changes- and trying to make the changes after the selection changes results in nothing happening.

These two causes of problems with the style editors have been fixed - the corrupt widgets are fixed in the current BETA (201408011636) and the screen and style inspector issues will be in the next BETA.

Please do tell us if you find any other similar issues.

Latest BETA (201408071350) should fix the last of these problems for you

Ben we'd really like to know if you are still seeing any issues similar to this in the latest BETA.

Hi Al, I haven't been using the beta due to the file format change.

Hi Ben is the file format change a big issue for you - or is this because you want your files to remain compatible with people using 1.5.2?

The latter. The format change is unfortunate, but not a deal breaker.

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