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Support for pngquant

It'd be great if there was integrated pngquant support. I usually use ImageAlpha to compress my pngs before sending them to people, and I can usually reduce the files produced by Antetype size by 70-80% with it.

Of course, pngquant is lossy, so it'd be a good checkbox to have during export.

 Hi Henrik,

good idea, we need to have a further look, but at least the license shouldn't be a problem.

In the meantime: maybe its possible to use folder action to automate it?

PS: sorry for the delay (this post awaited moderation, we removed the moderation step for now).

Hey Felix,

Absolutely, I'm fine with using pngquant manually. It just struck me that integrating it might be a low-hanging fruit for you guys, and that many users who don't know of the existence of pngquant might use it if it is integrated.


(PS., no worries)


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