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Delta updates

Hello guys,

while putting your download servers on a CDN helped download speed, I still think downloading 400MB every time I update a beta version (or stable) of Antetype doesn't make sense.

Just for your pleasure, here is a real time video of the update, and I'm on a REALLY fast connection.

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Hi Luca - unfortunately now that the shared library and templates are part of Antetype the app size in big. Providing Delta updates would not help because we update the shared library and templates with almost every beta release.

We are working on ways to reduce file sizes in general which should help with the app size too - but can't provide any other news at the moment - the move to a package format of file in 1.6 is the beginnings of that work.

We are very happy to hear the move to CDN has had an impact on the download speed for updates though.

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