Antetype 1.6.0

Version 1.6.0 is performance and bug fix release.

We have updated the file format to use a packaged based format.

This change requires that your files be updated to the package format and you will be given the choice to do that when you open a 1.5.2 or previous version of an Antetype document.

The change in file format has been introduced to help us tackle a number of bugs related to saving file and file performance, further changes will be made slowly across future releases.

This version drops support for OS X 10.7.x you now need at least 10.8.0 to run Antetype version 1.6.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Trial version not working correctly upon first opening
  • updated to fix a problem with double template choosers
  • lock up while saving a bigger document frequently
  • Export Screens does not overwrite files
  • changed values are lost if popover is closed by mouse click outside
  • state selection of widgets from style bar or context menu behaving strangely
  • A widget copied from a document containing breakpoints (and breakpoint states) into a document without breaks spec generation
  • Antetype appears to modify the backup shared library stored in the app bundle
  • Layout Properties are now shared by default (thanks to Ben for the report
  • added missing Android L-Widget category
  • fixed various Android L-Widgets and templates
  • fixed a crash which sometimes occured while saving
  • Further fixes for data created in 1.5. beta release with "hidden" states
  • Quick look and Spotlight updates for new package format
  • Fix scrolling upon selection in states list on the style inspector
  • Cell disappears after nesting on canvas
  • Crash reporter was no longer working
  • Web viewer export had problem with layoutWrap
  • Corrupt file Error Message incorrectly mentions a Newer Version
  • Warn users about using network drives etc - fixed value returned when value is missing for revision
  • Retina (@2x) files can not be automatically created in a sandboxed app - remove single selection export and presentation mode and remove retina screen export
  • Numbering of exported cells as graphic (graphic-1-2-3-4-5-6.png) - fixed numbering issues
  • added missing state-list-update after document change
  • make sure selection stays after expanding a breakpoint section
  • State selection in Style bar & context menus
  • re-enabled hiding/showing controls
  • Convert files from the first 1.5 BETA
  • interactions are preserved if create widget is called
  • create widget makes sure that the instance looks the same
  • copying cells/screens now adjust target actions point to the pasted elements
  • fixed select current in screen-export dialog
  • added refresh prototype for in-place present
  • improve live-layout
  • duplicate screen does not use the normal clipboard anymore
  • interaction inspector target selector showed context menu
  • update-hierarchy fixes (sometimes the red dot did not disappear, even after revert/update was used)
  • speed up of building render-objects, selection speed up
  • use render-object cache while building (faster full screen presentaion mode)

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You guys are awesome! Thank you for keeping Antetype so up-to-date. This application is the core application I use for every project and I couldn't imagine using anything else.

Thank you!

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