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Set nested cells as individual in new widget sheet + automatic breakpoint states

Re-requesting this, this time with an emphasis on having it in the New Widget sheet:

In addition, a checkbox to automatically add breakpoint versions of the default state to the new widget would be awesome.

These two features would make it super easy to create responsive containers, among other benefits.

Al, your interpretation of the feature request is correct. It would be for making container widgets (mainly for the purposes of responsiveness).

I rarely create a widget that I don't want to have breakpoint states. So an option to add them automatically would be great. This could also just be the standard behavior, without a checkbox.

Ben - how exactly do you see this feature working? 

It would seem to be that when make content individual is enabled we would then only be able to convert the single parent element into a widget, otherwise we would not be able to tell where in the widget hierarchy the nested content should be switched off.

Would this still be useful for single element widgets?

I think as the switch would do two things:

1. Only include the top most element from the selected hierarchy  in the widget

2. Set that top most element as having individual content

we should probably label the switch "Container Widget" and ensure that it is clear that container widgets are only created from a single element.

For your second point about breakpoint widget default states - is this really such an issue that we need to add more options to the create widget sheet?  Could this not be solved in a better way?

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