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Inline editor shortcuts with focus on inspector worked in an earlier AT version

From Get Satisfaction:

I think inline editors worked also having focus on the inspectors at an earlier AT version, and this was lost in an update, I remember being very happy of reading this post of yours where you explain we have to set shortcuts to "All controls" and trying it out. Is it possible to fix this? 

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Hi Carlos - I think you may be confused about the behaviour.

The inline editors did and still do work from the inspectors but only if you are using the modifier and number versions of the shortcuts ⌘1, ⌘2, ⌘3 etc - not the single character shortcuts.

The single character shortcuts cannot work from the inspectors because there are often times when typing is relevant in the inspectors and we would not be able to interpret the single characters any longer. The single character shortcuts only work when you have the main window focused.

The accessibility thing you are showing relates to be able to tab through all controls in the inline editors, or inspectors etc - not only the text boxes and lists. This suggested for those people who purely wanted to use the keyboard with the inline editors.

I hope this clear things up.


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