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Click to change name

Before 1.6, when you exported a selected element (including a screen), you got the standard OS X save dialog with a name field. You now have something more akin to export screens as graphic for exporting a selected element. However, the old way was really helpful for replacing existing images, as I could simply click on the existing image to give my export the same name. This was especially helpful when replacing just one of multiple screens that had previously been exported with prepended numbers.

Therefore, I request that if you are only exporting one element, you should either see the standard OS X dialog, or that if you click an existing file, the name of the element you are exporting changes in the list below the file system browser.

This issue would also be alleviated somewhat if prepended numbers were tied to the screen itself and not exported images.

The change to a directory selection dialog box has been made because of a previously reported problem with retina export from a sandboxed app (App Store version). When in the sandbox the file selection only gives us permission to write to that particular file which means that we cannot export the retina image in a addition to the normal image. We will look into the possibility of getting the file selection and using this to update the names table, but the dialog and sandbox architecture may not allow this. The only real solution may have to be the prepended numbers tied to screens, or to have your screen names matched the required output file names. Will will review the options and get back to you.

Thanks, Al.

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