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Copy and paste all styles from state to state

I really want to be able to set all the properties of all the objects in a state to have the properties of another state. This would be useful for "initializing" the Normal state, as well as adding new mobile states, so as to avoid having to re-do all the mobile specific changes on a new mobile state.

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This would be great. It's currently really cumbersome to copy and paste all cell properties between two states. I run into this very often!

any idea how to present this functionality in the GUI? Some form of Copy/Paste would mean to basically extend our single cell "copy/paste properties"-command. Otherwise this could be handled in the style-inspector. Any ideas welcome!


Currently the context menu provides the possibility to "Copy Styles" and "Paste Styles". For a better comprehension the labels "Copy Cell Styles" and "Paste Cell Styles" would the first step. The labels for copy and paste of the whole state styles could be "Copy State Styles" and "Paste State Styles".

The current shortcut for copy "CMD + Alt + C" could be extended to "CMD + Alt + Shift + C". This would also fit for the paste shortcut.

As an limitation that probably leads to a better comprehension for less experienced users the menu entries could only be visible by selecting the main cell of the widget. In this case the shortcuts should still be available as a pro feature even if the user has currently not selected the main widget cell.

Or you could have it so holding down option when right clicking changes Copy Styles to Copy State Styles.

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