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Font Awesome Integration

Is there a way to integrate Font Awesome within Antetype?

No I am afraid not - what type of integration would you like?

I'm just looking for a few base icons, like and email, calendar icon that I can just throw in to my wireframes without having to import outside images. Just a thought! :)

Thanks Al

Sorry - there are always licensing issues with these types of integration and we have yet to find one that is simple enough that the effort to add integration matches the benefit it brings to the user.

We will keep searching.....

One thing you could do is create a widget that holds these images and add that image to your common library. it would then be easy to add the widget and images to every document.

There's a plugin for Photoshop and Illustrator which includes various free iconsets. You can drag and drop them into your layout.

This kind of icon integration is great and I think it would be a great benefit for antetypers!



You can Install Font Awesome as a normal Font on your Mac, then you can copy the icons from the Font Awesome Cheatsheet and after that you select Font Awesome as the Font and you see the Icon.

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