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Autosave Feature

We have our moments when Antetype suddenly force closes (we need more memory) and have high hopes that Antetype recovered our work, but it's not a feature.

A good feature that could be added is the process of saving ever 5-10-whatever minutes automatically. It can be an option that you turn on in preferences, ext.

Is this a good idea?

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the file-size problem is still on our list. We started investigating it, but so far we don't have a satisfactory solution to it. (If you could send us such a very big file without much content we would be very happy, and could investigate more what's going on).

Here some workarounds for getting smaller files:

  • Save As reclaims more space from deleted objects
  • Copy the screens into a fresh document
  • Delete not used widgets in the project (Widget inspector : Project-Tab : "Gear-Menu" : "Remove Unused from Project…")
  • Delete unused resources: (Resource inspector: "Remove unused"-button at the bottom)

Do you have to "Force Quit" Antetype? In this case we would be happy to have more information about the issues. We are currently trying to fix some memory leaks in the Application. That means Antetype sometimes does not free all the memory it doesn't use anymore. If you have time it would be great to hear more about your problems.

Now to the Auto-Save feature: To make this reliable happen we have to make sure the auto-save works in the background, not blocking the usage of the application. Would the modern way of document handling (automatic save, and versions available like in iWorks etc.) help you?

Thank your for the suggestion, and please inform us with any issues you have.

Hey Felix,

The Force Close seems to be linked to the memory leak issue perhaps. When working in Antetype, if we, say, copy a large amount of items to another screen or area within the current screen, it sometime force closes. This may just be a lack of memory on our side.

As for Autosave, I think how iWorks saving feature works would be an amazing and would really helps us out. It's not something that you would think to add until your computer freezes/shuts down due to no more battery life/ etc. 

Thank you for looking into this!

For this to be useful, you should first fix the problem with the file size that goes only in one direction (up). I've stumbled more than once in files that balloon to hundreds of MBs even if there's almost nothing inside. Tim told me it was a problem in how the OS handles writing files and that you were going to handle that in the future, but seems like it has gone to the back of the line: IMHO this is bread and butter stuff that should be addressed as basic product hygiene.

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