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1.6.2 Beta won't open files

Gives me this if I try and open any of my files:

Gives me this if I try and use one of the included templates:

I am glad it works now. I can't think of a reason for the error messages, besides using an old version of Anteype, but this doesn't make sense directly after the update.

Quitting and re-opening the app fixed the problem. Shoulda done that to begin with. Weird issue, though.

Updated from 1.6.1-beta to the last beta, file-opening works without trouble. Is the version number in the about-box ok? Should read 1.6.2 (201410141530).

Updated in-app (Sparkle framework).

Hi Ben,

Did you use the In-App-Update or download? I cannot reproduce the error using the downloaded version, will try an update from the previous version.


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