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animation through gif format support

Dear Antetype team,

To make prototypes more realistic, some form of animation would be cool.

A simple format for this would be the classic GIF89a.

This would allow for blinking LEDs but also for "please wait while loading..." progress bars (and many other things).

Combined with an action like "do this when animation done" - if at all possible - real-world delays would come into view.

I think I've seen this request a long time ago, but I'm not sure.

Please consider. Thanks.

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We are currently adding animation support to Antetype. It will be possible to build quiet complex animation right in Antetype itself. Apart from this we plan to add the possibility to show videos right in the prototype, but not sure if it will make it in the next release.

Thanks for the feature request, and I am happy that it aligns with the development :)  

Currently my prototypes with Antetype already have great impact. It allows us to simulate workflow.

Adding the animation support will definitely help to provide our development team with better understanding of the requirements.

Looking forward to see the result!

+1 on animated GIF support, or some other animated "progress bar" and "loading indicator" object, which has a "display for xx seconds" attribute. The object's visibility would be triggered by an action on another object (most likely a click). 

This capability would be used to simulate logging in/out, loading contents in a container, and typical longer processes like saving, exporting, uploading, searching, refreshing... We don't notice it but it's quite common. It would make the prototype feel even more real.

thank you for the feature request. And yes, you are right, this feature request came up before in our old support-site: . Unfortunately this feature wasn't high on our road map so far.

Looking at the other postings too, the basic needs are:

  1. Add support to an animated file format (format not so important, animated gif would be fine)
  2. Support for an action triggered after the animation finishes (presentation mode)
  3. Support for starting/stopping the animation (presentation mode)

(Ordered by importance)

Do you and others agree? From the technical side: if nothing overlaps the animation we could re-use more existing solutions from OSX and it will be faster implemented. Overlapping means: one or more Antetype cells are rendered above the animation. Is this a crucial feature?

For other interested readers: Every answer (or vote) helps us to prioritize our features.

I can agree with the basic needs as well as the order of importance.

For the scenarios I mentioned (LED's, progress bars) there is no need for overlapping the animation.

However, I can also imagine scenarios in which overlapping could be useful.

Tough call.

+1 on animated GIF support. I actually searched for it and got directed here. I have been talking to my team mates to start using Antetype for prototyping our future projects, one concern from us is the lack of gif animation support.

Please definitely consider it.

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