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Save at parent widget

You once encouraged us to kindly insist if you didn´t implement features we thought to be important, so here I go :)

I would like to be able to save properties of a widget at a parent widget. This option could be in the same dropdown as "shared" and "individual".

One use case is, for example, a list, which has to contain the same text at all my screens. Each list element has different states: Mouse Over, Pressed...

This or similar cases happen to me often.

Thanks in advance!

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not really. You can make a new widget out of an embedded one, but this won't update if you update the original one.

Thank you for participating in the discussion. That helps us to know which features should be tackled first.


Is there a workaround to avoid this problem?

Hi Carlos, this problem is referred to internally as the embedded widget problem. The problem is that when widgets are embedded in other widgets our current database model cannot store any alterations to the embedded widgets, that makes them differ from their master representation.

This problem is still on our road map, but not on our plans for 1.7 currently.

I can not currently comment on when this problem may be tackled.

Sorry for the unsatisfactory response.

All the best


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