Antetype 1.6.2

We've updated our icons in the toolbar and screen inspector to match the style of OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and changed all red dots to now become green dots. You can now export @3x images.

Many other bug fixes.

## Enhancements

* AT-2121 New Toolbar Style and icons

* AT-2121 Updated list icons

* AT-2090 Retina HD (@3x) exports

* AT-2091 Updated Templates

* AT-2096 Green dot in Screen / Style Inspector to match Style bar

* AT-2096 show shared / individual status in style inspector

## Bug fixes

* AT-2126 Actions are lost after updating a widget

* AT-2127 Rendering bug on undo horizontal grouping

* AT-2128 Text Size input in Style bar beeps on input

* shadow preset list disabled in Yosemite - when focus only on text fields is set

* AT-2120 fixed visual glitch in the inspectors (Yosemite)

* AT-2123 Toolbar - text only - clicks ignored - fixed

* updated spec cell off toolbar icons

* AT-2124 added check if the last font name is valid

* AT-2125 fixed toolbar item Hide/Show spec

* AT-2116 wrong text rendering if anti alias is not used

* AT-2117 Style bar corruption on Yosemite ensure that switches have Yosemite animations and better focus ring

* AT-2109 Style inspector: scrolling with mouse / track pad only works on focused controls

* AT-2102 Update Changes does not work in this widget

* AT-2103 crash if manage Breakpoints menu is called twice and button is clicked

* AT-2104 Duplicating Screens or Multi-screen drag upwards results in reverse ordering of the screens

* AT-2105 export cells/screens possible to delete the name in the table

* AT-2106 Red/now Green Dot is not displayed in the States menu

* AT-2108 widget preview is empty if the outer widget cell has "paint above all" checked

* AT-2109 Style inspector: increase/decrease values with arrow keys, scroll wheels

* AT-2110 Random blank screens and corruptions in Antetype file

* AT-2111 Enable Move up / Move down functions in Toolbar when "Paint above all" option is selected

* AT-2112 table cell border painting algorithm doesn't paint the complete border for a cell - lower right pixel issue

* AT-2114 double click does not select spec cells

* AT-1896 create widget with embedded widgets loses alterations to original

* AT-2083 visual fixes for Yosemite

* AT-2084 Export options missing in AppStore-version on OSX 10.8.5

* AT-2085 Crash: if colorpanel-colopicker is used and antetype window minimized

* AT-2086 Crash: opening recent file

* AT-2087 Crash: Infinite recursion layouting widget inspector

* AT-2088 Crash: dragging cells cross documents

* AT-2089 canvas keyboard selection selects hidden/collapsed elements

* AT-2092 Web viewer points to incorrect FAQ

* AT-2093 Crash: Undo pasting screens causes crash

* AT-2094 Don't sort states for a widget alphabetically

* AT-2095 Crash: Edit In crashes if the type can't be determined

* AT-2097 flex width/height stepper is using max/min width/height

* AT-2098 Wrong h/vbox layout if min-max and flex percentage is set

* AT-2099 Validation alert pops up and is not closable, after setting negative blur value in shadow popover

* AT-2100 Context menu should provide state list after multi selection

* AT-2101 Property bindings are lost if a widget is reverted to a basic cell

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