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annotations for elements, widgets and screens

i really miss the ability to add annotations to elements, widgets and screens. I think this is a key feature and it would be great to have an easier way than exporting my UI design from antetype and doing my annotations/documentations in another tool.

one solution could be a annotation inspector that reacts contextually to the selected object or screen. there could be some more useful options to control your annotations. e.g. show/hide annotation area, layout for annotations + screens for pdf export, etc.

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Hi Jochen - perhaps you could use the specification widgets and the show / hide specification cells feature?

You can read some more in the blog post related to this:

Or about Specification Cells in the help:

Would this help?

You choices for showing or hiding specification cells are also respected when you export a screen and they can be toggled on and off in presentation mode and the web viewer.

All the best


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