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Include HTML widget

I really need to include rich interactions and animations into antetype. A solution that adresses some of these needs, would be to include a custom HTML widget. Preferably be able to use something like hype (tumultco), that would be really awesome. Would it be possible from a technical point of view? Thanks .ulf

 Hi Ulf,

unfortunately we don't use HTML for the rendering of the screens, therefor it will be difficult to include HTML content. But an interesting idea. When 1.7 is finished, which mainly focuses on the web viewer we want to tackle the interactive side of Antetype more. We are currently in planning phase, so it would be very interesting what kind of interactions/animations you would need. (maybe you could provide to a sample from tumult which does more or less what you want… )

With best regards,



I too would need richer interactions, animations, and transitions - which would come in handy for prototyping mobile applications (phone/tablet/watch):


On [useraction] move [object] from [x1,y1,z1] to [x2,y2,z2]

Set the duration, and dynamics (linear, easing..)


On [useraction] apply [FXs] to [object] 

Set the duration, and dynamics (linear, easing..)

Visual effects could be things like opacity, shading, desaturating..


On [useraction] scale [object] to [dimensions or percent]

Set the duration, and dynamics (linear, easing..)


On [useraction] rotate [object] to [degree]

Set the duration, and dynamics (linear, easing..)

The user actions on a given object would be:

- Click, double-click, long-click

- Hover

- Click-drag

- Scroll

And on touch screens: 

- Tap, double-tap, long-tap

- tap-drag-move (aka drag & drop) 

- swipe-scroll left/right/up/down

This would enable the ability to prototype sliding panels, menus, popup dialogs, tooltips, progress indicators, and more.

Also take a look at PowerPoint 2013 on Windows as it has excellent animation capabilities. You can also set the animation to loop, and you can easily copy/paste complex animations on other objects in the canvas, saving you tons of time. It also has the ability to "reverse" an animation, which often makes sense (menu/panel slides in, and slides back out from where it came) and saves tons of time.

Another tool to look at is Pixate. It's probably the best when it comes to creating precise animations and interactions - but you have to build everything from scratch and so it's very tedious to use - you can't save interactions/animations and apply them to objects. 

Great to hear Antetype 1.7 will pay more attention to interactions, and that it will have a web viewer, which will make it possible to embed videos, maps, live content, etc.. into the prototype. Sounds promising!

first of all, I guess I was a little unclear about the version for the animation features. Version 1.7 (the one we are currently working on) has mainly improvements to our web viewer and will not include the animation features. Sorry about that.

Since we are currently in the planning phase, we don't know yet the final features we will implement. Currently we want to make state and property-changes transition over time (using some predefined curves), similar to CSS animations.


Anything to make prototyping mobile applications will help - even if the animation curves are basic. Straight lines will probably take care of 80% of the use cases (sliding panels, transition to new screen, etc.). Maybe one pre-built animation for popup floating dialogs.

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