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Hyperlink visualization as property of text widget

It would be nice to apply underline as property of text (for example via Style Inspector) without switch to Rich Text mode. This will allow you to create a widget for links and automatically control their behavior – such as the emergence of the underline when hovering over the link that shows only the color of the text.

Also need the ability to choose the type of underlining. For Ajax-links have a dashed/dotted underline.

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Hi Fedor, As a workaround, you could use a simple cell containing your link text and create a link widget out of it. Now add a mouse over state and set the bottom border to 1px - either solid, dotted or dashed. This would create your intended behaviour. Version 1.7 will include updates to the web viewer which also improves the way how rich text is being displayed. Could also help in some of your use cases. Hope that helped!
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