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Version purchased from apple store does not have app preferences

Been using the trail version and just now purchased which installed a second version. This second version has no app preferences in the drop down menu. Are they somewhere else now?


Hi Michael,

you did purchase via the AppStore? We removed the Preferences in 1.6 for the AppStore version (at this time, only Update and the legacy-option "Show Look&Feel Selector" where left. Later we added the "Resize all Screens in Presentation mode option", and forgot to re-enable the Preferences in the AppStore version. Sorry about that, will be fixed in the next release.

You can either change the mentioned preferences via a Terminal command:

defaults write com.antetype.Antetype-App-Store GDResizeAllScreens -bool YES

enabled all screen resizing, using NO instead of YES disables it. The command for the legacy Look&Feel option is:

defaults write com.antetype.Antetype-App-Store GDEnableLookAndFeelSelectorKey -bool YES

and NO for disabling (this change affects the next document you open).

Realizing that this is not really the Macintosh way: If you contact us at we can send you a license for the downloadable version (with working Preferences) which you can use until we fix this in the AppStore-build.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for reporting the issue.

With best regards,


Good to know. I'm fine waiting for the next release. Is this resizing feature going to make its way to the viewer app as well? Would very much like it in there.

Phenomenal app. It was love at first sight for me!

We just released a new version (1.7.1) to the App Store which contains the Preferences again. Furthermore we updated the Viewer to include the resize-functionality in full screen like the normal application. Thanks for your patience.


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