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Measure Tool in Antetype


Maybe I am a dummy, but I can't find in the Antetype tools anything like measure tool in Photoshop. It's very helpful when you make layout & css and you have to measure distance between two elements.

Can you help me?


in the Widget Library we provide "Horizontal-" and "Vertical Measure"-Widgets. Which can be used to for measurement.
If you want to specify a widget you can use the "Create Specification"-command which creates a screen with some specifications for the widget.

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You can simply click on an element to see its height and width in the style bar. If you're using automatic layouts (which is far and away the best way to use Antetype), you can do the same thing to see margin and padding.

Thanx for answers!

Ben, I meant measuring position of an element, not it's width & height and other attributes. So, Felix's answer is exactly about what I want to know.

You can actually create a dynamic measure unit widget.

1. Create a square with the width and height set to stretch

2. Set the layout to stacked on the square.

3. In the Style Inspector / Display - select the Specification panel checkbox

4. Add the specification measures both vertical and horizontal and set them to stretch too.

5. Nest inside any or all of the objects you have on your art board

Use Control + S to hide and show the specs

all the values are realtime and update on screen whenever an item is moved or scaled.

Image attached:

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