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Character spacing/tracking

The ability to adjust tracking is a must for any interface designer. 

Please add this type of typographic control.

thank you

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 Hi Alan,

currently you have to use the "Kern"-option in the Format>Font menu (see screenshot).

This works only in Rich text and is admittedly not the best UI.

Thanks for the feature request!


Thank you for the workaround. Although kerning and tracking are closely related they are inherently different. We need a way to adjust letter spacing/tracking independently of kerning individual pairs of letters. Actually when it comes to web/UI the kern option is useless as it's very hard to kern letter pairs with code.

Most designers always tweak letter spacing. It's been really difficult to convey the typography accurately to the development team. So I would say this feature is a must have for any designer! thanks for listening.

There's a long list of improvements that Antetype could use in the area of text handling. It'd be nice to see 1.9 be a text-focused released (assuming 1.8 is going to be interaction-focused).
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