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Color swatches in inline editor, consistent color picking options throughout app

The Background fill inline editor or any inline editor that deals with color has the new color picking option but no saved swatches like the built in OS X color controller.

The color options in the style editor brings up the "old" OS X color controller which has saved swatch options. I feel like there needs to be a consistent way of picking colors throughout antetype and having saved swatches (possibly even libraries!) is a must.


Personally, I think that "global color swatches" and a well-working UI for colors should be treated as two different features. I've been following and using Antetype for well over two years now, and I've always felt that there is a tendency to implement great new features in ways that are a little inconsistent. Property binding is a good example. Creating specifications from widgets is another one.

I would absolutely love it if the team would take a step back and try to find ways to improve existing features by simplifying them. Not create new features, but really enhance the existing workflows. Color swatches are a great chance for that. I've added a screenshot to illustrate what I have in mind. 

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Yeah, managing of palettes can only be done in the standard OS X color picker (cmd-opt-C). I believe this is due to API limitations.

If anyone from the product team is listening, this and lack of kerning are my two biggest gripes about antetype, which has become my preferred UI design tool.

I would also love to have something akin to Illustrator's "global" color swatches, which when edited, update all applied instances of that color in a document. When I discovered property binding, I was extremely disappointed to find it didn't support color options. I would love to have a table of hexadecimal color definitions in a document for simulating theme support in a UI design.

You can, theoretically, use the standard OS X color picker to create custom swatches, but it's a complete pain. If you're familiar with github, you can use this tool here to create OS X color palettes from simple text files. These are then imported to the color picker and thus Antetype. Again, this is a workaround, and it doesn't work well. 

I do agree that Antetype does need to support this better. This is one of the reasons why our design team doesn't want to use Antetype, because it currently lacks some basic design functionality like this. Text styles (link, h1, h2 etc.) are another thing I would love to see. You can do this with widgets, of course, but to me, text styles would be infinitely more helpful.

So, yeah, color swatches: I second that motion.

You can switch to saved swatches by clicking the little tab in the lower left corner of the popover.

I'd like to see colors added automatically to a palette as you use them (manual addition would also be possible, of course). Then any colors in the palette can be edited, affecting the cells using those colors. Giving names to colors is important, as well. I can imagine a quick picker, with the option to manage colors for editing and naming.

I have clicked the tab in the corner and I'm only able to choose the "Apple" or "Crayon" default swatches. No ability to manage or see my custom swatches.

Am I missing something?

(61.5 KB)

Please! More important than animations, "your next star addition", is the way to control color and type. We need styles! Handling with color and type is kind o a pain. And widgets doesn't solve well the problem. As an inspiration, look the way Indesign deals with it! 

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