Antetype 1.7

 We are happy to announce the release of Antetype 1.7. This version mainly features enhancements to our web viewer:

  • Performance enhancements
  • Support for Web fonts
  • Support for Retina displays
  • No Web Server required on all browsers

The complete list of changes:


Web Viewer

  • New icons in the toolbar
  • Screen is now top/left aligned to better simulate web pages
  • Apart from the the automatic generation of Web-Fonts, it is now possible to use own .woff-Fonts or provide a CSS-fallback for fonts.
  • No need to host the Web Viewer on a server. It now loads locally in Chrome, IE11, Safari and Firefox
  • Some bugfixes for hide/show-actions which sometimes needed a second click to function properly
  • Added "Hide Toolbar"-button, to simulate a web page
  • Faster redraw if the screen width is set to flex and the browser window is resized
  • Look & Feel list hidden for 1 look and feel
  • Hand mouse cursor over interactive elements
  • Limited Rich Text Support (Different fonts, sizes, colors plus bold, italic and underline support)
  • Greatly improved performance (for example mouse-overs are now usable :) )
  • Embedding of Fonts
  • Resize screens on all sides (like in Antetype itself)
  • Resizing one screen will automatically resize all others.
  • Renders correctly on Retina displays
  • Improved font rendering on Safari/Chrome

  • Added some scripts to the Develop-menu (enable in the Preferences).
  • Added "Paste and Match Style" to the Edit menu
  • HTML Export - available from Develop menu
  • Presenation Mode - Hand mouse cursor over interactive elements

Bug fixes

Web Viewer

  • if a drop shadow is changed in a action/state change redraw was sometimes broken
  • Fixed some rendering issues
  • Slightly better support of iOS-devices
  • Correct rendering of tiled-vector graphics
  • Fixed wrong colors of images from clipboard in Chrome/Firefox
  • Some fixes for rich-text-support
  • Correctly removing the mouse-over state with Go To Screen-Actions
  • Fixed rendering-issues (sometimes a shape from the previous screen was rendered onto the current one)
  • Cells with opacity < 100% now render correctly on Retina-screens
  • Toggle state works with breakpoints
  • Bug fixes in rendering prototypes using property bindings

  • Goto Screen-Action did reset the state of changed elements in Presentaion mode
  • Fixed a crash while exporting big Antetype-files as Web Viewer
  • Actions were removed if a inner cell from a widget was copied

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Thank you for paste and match style!
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