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Revert all instances

Love the new Develop menu. You should add the "Revert All Instances" script to it. One of my favorites.

BTW, how do I get rid of the Debugging menu? defaults write com.antetype GDDebuggingMenu -bool NO

doesn't seem to work

I added "Revert all Instances"-script to . Just add it to your "Scripts Folder" (you can use the 'Open Script Folder').

For the debugging-menu: Did you restart Antetype? The preference is only read while starting. If it is still available after restart, maybe the defaults command did not change the used preferences. Just let me know, and we will fix this.


Yes, I restarted, with no effect.

Oops, looks like everyone has a Debugging Menu. We need to investigate this issue and will post an update once this is fixed. Thanks for reporting! 

Version 1.7.1 finally removed the Debugging Menu. Furthermore "Revert All Instances" script was added. We currently don't update the Scripts-folder between releases. In case no own scripts were added, the easiest way to is to delete the Scripts folder and disable, enable the Develop Menu in the Preferences.

Thanks for reporting!

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