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Breakpoints and states - Antitype Won't remember settings

Hi there, getting really frustrated with breakpoints and states.

I'm scaling some button widgets in different 3 states to match the screen breakpoint resolutions from iPhone 4, 5 ,6 & 6+.

However each time i make an edit in one of the states, sometimes it will not remember the new size setting or adjustment. This is driving me crazy - I'm about to throw Antetype out the window at this point.

What am i doing wrong??? Why does it work sometimes and not others?

I'm trying really hard to like Antetype, but this is a showstopper for me and seems to be a bug.

I'm following the instructions:

To alter widgets at different breakpoints you

will need to enable special Breakpoint

states - see the Style Inspector.

Done that and all break points are on for each of the different sizes so theoretically i should have no issues. But widgets are changing between states still..... somehow.

Using the latest 1.7

Sob :( ........ Help.

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Sorry to hear about the troubles you have. I am not aware of bugs concerning loosing property-changes with states and breakpoints. One thing to remember which might cause confusion while using states in general: All actions on the canvas (resizing using the handles, changing the position or editing text) always affect all states, regardless of the current selection. We need to make this more clear in the GUI or maybe change the behavior.

If the bug happen while only using the style inspector/style bar it would be great to make us the document available. There might be a bug we are not aware of.

With best regards,



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