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Link a folder for the Resource Inspector

I great feature for Antetype would be to Link a folder for the Resource Inspector. 

The idea is then i start a now antetype project, i can link a folder to this project with all my files which i need in the Resource inspector or then i safe the Antetype file in a folder, i can create a folder "assets" and in this folder i can collect all pictures for a project. 

For example i am working on a project and i can easily paste many files in these folder and then they are included in my Antetype project.

And after, then I edit one and replace the picture in the folder Antetype automaticly updates these file. 

Nowadays i must go in Antetype, Drag and Drop the file manualy in the Resource inspector.

Then you know the Wireframe tool, Balsamiq Mockups, you will know these function.

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I like this idea, a lot.
Coming from indesign, I think it is no problem when files are updated/changed outsiede the program. Antetype can just notify that the file is changed and ask if you want to update or re-link to a new file.

Also this matches website behaviour, where you often have a directory with assets and pictures


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Hi Marvin,

definitely a good idea. We decided to use our "all in one file"-solution to have full control over the resources (what happens if a file is changed/deleted/renamed in the resources folder etc).

Thank you for the feature request. What do others think about this topic?


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