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Fixed Objects


i wonder, if it is possible to create fixed objects like a fixed navigation in Antetype.



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Hi Georg,

since we don't support scrolling behaviour yet (!), it's currently not possible to create a fixed navigation known from websites. You can however simulate this by creating several states for your header element - one big header and a sticky one. You could then trigger an action (e.g. click) to switch between those two different states.

Hope that this helps you a bit. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact!



@Christian Laspari, could you please elaborate on creating the sticky one and how to trigger that? Is there any thing like "trigger when scroll"?


Hey Rongfei,

sure, I've uploaded an example file to our community

There you'll find an example, how a scrolling simulation could be achieved. I've created three clickable zones on the scroll bar which change the positioning of the background image of the content cell. Alternatively you could also change the position of other content structures within the content cell. 

I hope that this solves some of your issues!



Hi Rongfei,

sorry, something apparently went wrong there ;) I've uploaded the file now to the cotype entry. Please just check whether the download works correctly now.



Hi Christian,

Thanks for posting this up. But I didn't find a file that's downloadable.

Did you upload a Antetype file?



Hi Christian,

Thanks for the reply. I went there and this time I saw the download button, but unfortunately it says file not exist (see attachment) upon click the button.

I'd really appreciate if you can send it over to my email at

Thank you very much!


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