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2500 cmd + Return to leave the Export Dialog

Hey guys,

I run into this annoying problem every time I have to rename screens or cells in the export dialog. After renaming the items it would be quite nice if the user would not have to use the mouse in order to proceed with the export. Especially when I have to do some specifications I have to export a lot, for example a single screen in different states. This means I'm in a loop of changing the screen state and renaming the screen in order to export it without overwriting the previous file. Therefore I would really appreciate the possibility to close the dialog via cmd + return.

Hi Sascha,

as far as I know we don't do a special handling of the "enter" resp. "return".key in the export dialogs. Should enter always close the dialog and proceed? Like it does for example directly after opening the dialog, but not while editing a screen-name for example. Unfortunately OS X does not treed cmd-return like enter automatically, did you try it with "enter" (in the numeric-keypad on an extended keyboard, "fn"-return on a MacBook.

Thanks for the request!

The possibility to close the dialog and proceed via "cmd + return" while still in edit mode is, at least to me, familiar from other Mac applications. Therefore I would not like enter to always close the dialog, because return toggles the edit mode for renaming the files.

I have tried "enter" on the numeric-keypad and it doesn't work, but at least "fn"-return works the same way as the shortcut I suggested. Thanks a lot.

Btw, sorry for the weird topic name. I'm not quite sure how this "2500" ended up here. :-D

I got another idea regarding this dialog. Every time I have to overwrite an existing file there are two options. First one is to copy the file name from the Finder and overwrite the specific title in the dialog. The other option is to export the files and do the renaming / deleting inside the Finder app.

It would be great if I could overwrite the file name for the current selection by double clicking on a file in the upper part of the dialog and it would automatically be. There are some screenshots below to explain this idea a bit better. One is before and the second after a double click on the file "Map_Zoom_In.png" in the upper left part of the file browser.png

(105 KB)
(105 KB)
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