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Property Binding - does it work for you?

Property binding has never worked for me, initially it's great and seems to work as advertised. However if you edit something else then go back to adjust the bindings e.g. bind the width or height or change the target.... the interface and app grind to a crawl? I does finally respond but it would be 5 seconds before anything actually happens, invariably when it gets stuck and does finally recover... it does play all your frustrated mouse clicks (with error sounds) and does not select what you want anyway. 

 I'd have hoped this would be working finally in Beta 2.0 but its the same :(

I basically avoid using it.

Here is a video of the issue, it seems to be a memory or latency issue. Makes it difficult to use reliably. Anyone have any tips?

Hi Toby,

as already mentioned within the separate mail, we can reproduce this problem and are reviewing this bug, but don't have a solution so far. 

One thing which seems to ease the pain a little bit (!) is to collapse the Property Binding group within the style inspector. In our example file, this seemed to accelerate Antetype's behaviour a bit.



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