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PDF Export: Export as multi-page PDF

Currently the PDF export will export every screen (or even breakpoint) as a separate PDF. It would be nice to at least have the option to export all those screens as a multi-page PDF so you can have it in one file.

Of course it's trivial to collect the exported pages into a PDF, but it's just another unnecessary step that could easily be solved by the software itself.

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This would be really usefull. I always upload the specs to a ticket tracking website, in order to communicate with developers and I have to merge all pages before, each time.

I created some mockups for some mobile apps but I can not export the resources for developers. 


This would be the end of the game for me and other mobile designers.

But I discovered that you can use Affinity Designer to create artboards and copy-paste each screen from Antetype in an artboart to Affinity Designer.

Then you can export PDF, mobile assets, web assets etc. Stuff that Antetype doesn't have.

At least the copy-pasting of screens work well between Antetype and Affinity Designer.

I know it's a hard thing to move each and every screen into Affinity Designer project, but at least you are not stuck. And if Antetype is dead (as I think it is), then we can at least use it's beautiful layout and widget systems while exporting the assets into another app like Affinity Designer, Sketch etc.

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