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What's going on Antetype dudes and dudettes???

It's been such a looooong time since we've heard anything from you guys about anything to do with Antetype. What's happening with Antetype.... is it dead? 

I seem to be be more and more drawn away from using Antetype lately as a viable tool as i'm not sure it's really keeping pace with what the competitors are doing (sketch/afinity/Adobe)

Antetype is very cool, It would be a shame to see it wither away to nothing.

Hard to champion a product that does not appear to be iterating anything like the others.

Just an observation from the sidelines. :P

(Now I've written this, no doubt there will be an announcement... hopefully)

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Out of curiosity, what are Sketch and the others doing that is drawing you away? I tried using those apps recently and found them so primitive and clunky compared to Antetype. It is very frustrating that Antetype did not catch on with the UI design community, and it's very sad that it is dying. I'll keep using it as long as I can. Hopefully some other app copies the brilliant layout and widget system (not to mention the keyboard shortcuts) of Antetype by then, otherwise I am seriously considering giving up visual UI design. It's just too constricting and tedious manually positioning things.

Don't get me wrong Antetype is my preferred tool for doing visual designs due to its responsive features and symbols. The other tools seem to be catching up and stealing the ideas of Antetype. The use of pinning in Sketch - a small step I know... and it is only the first update to mimic smart symbols. However the future roadmap and iterations look just like Antetype! I'm just saying Antetype needs to iterate quicker and drive some agility. Sketch is making updates multiple times a month... Antetype in contrast does an update once a year if we're lucky. Rather than waiting a full year until a feature set is complete... just release individual features as they are done.

Where can the Sketch roadmap be found?

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