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R.I.P. Antetype..

No updates and no messages for a long time. Let's face it, the tool is dead.

Too bad because it has a unique feature set and it was extremely promising.

I've researched all the alternative solutions, and it looks like the only tool that has nested position and event management is Webflow. None of the other WYSIWYG editors have this.

I'm not advertising for Webflow, but merely reporting back to my fellow Antetype users. If you're looking for an alternative you won't fond anything as rich as Antetype, but Webflow is a viable tool; plus it generates editable code.

Maybe the good folks at Ergosign will have the decency to address their users; if not to tell them it's over, at least to tell them what's going on.

1) I hereby too politely ask Ergosign for an official statement about whether Antetype development is officially over, or whether there are plans for continuation or an entirely new product.

2) And to my fellow Antetype users:

  • Has anyone run Antetype under macOS 10.13 High Sierra, just published on 2017-09-25?
  • Antetype 1.7.2 still runs well on macOS 10.12.6 Sierra apart some very minor bugs (i.e. after consecutive exports their progress windows stay although the progress is long over).

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Also — when migrating between computers, some of us lost their licence key. There is no simple way to have Antetype generate a new licence or to recuperate the original licence code.

Since Ergosign still charges new users for Antetype, it goes without saying that it must also provide existing users with the facility to restore their licence key.

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