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Could you further explain why you think that Antetype is not dead. I'd love to think that this is true.

I had to replace my licence because I moved machines and lost the previous one. I got in touch with Ergosign support, which handled the ticket just as before. I was told that a new public Beta was on the way. I have therefore no reason to believe this isn't true. Having worked in the software development business all my life, the only observation I can make, is that it's not good commercial policy to give no sign of live for a long time. Keeping your users commited is all about communicating. Maybe they weren't sure themselves what would happen and this is why they chose not to communicate. But for now, it seems there's still hope.


that sounds indeed awesome. Lets cross fingers that they soon release a new beta/version

Same happened to me. Quick reaction, same statement.

I have been through every prototyping app that is out there. From UX-Pin through to Origami Studio. The main problem is that most of the available prototyping apps out there are either designed for web development or for mobile apps. Nothing seems to be geared towards good old honest-to-god desktop applications. It is very frustrating. 

Although Antetype lacks support for draggable objects in preview, which is my main gripe, its nesting engine is superior to absolutely everything that is out there. I have just completed a prototype with Origami Studio and while its interface is beautiful and it works reliably, the time it takes to get a prototype done is just not acceptable. I wonder if the makers of Antetype realize how powerful their concept is and what could be gained from it. I have been a beta user forever and I hope for Antetype to return soon. Its current state is too buggy to allow for sustainable project work but the underlying structure is a true gem.

here is a simple tool palette mockup in Origami. Notice its instant preview, which is fantastic but the amount of wiring I have to go through to get a result that I can have in minutes using Antetype is ridiculous. 

Unfortunately, even the current Antetype beta won't let me drag the edge of a palette or batch-replace image resources. That's why I have kept looking for alternative solutions.

For quick layout work, Antetype is still my favourite app to date.

I would pay €500 per year to get Antetype back in a live state. Sorry, folks, that's just me but it has to be said. Take me up on that offer any time, Antetype.

(15.1 MB)

I've since moved on to Webflow. It handles events and animation and it's a very clean wYSIWYG editor. Generate clean HTML/CSS/JS code.

I think it is over. I downloaded the trial and the trial on open said expired. Contacted facebook and they said contact support because the facebook person cant handle the issue. Contact support and they auto generated a response that ended with me having a forum account so I could view a ticket that is "pending". Not at all what I was expecting. SO, guess Ill be moving on to look for something that I hope has pages and layers and maybe artboards and can edit vectors. Alas could not even find info on this app!!  So no way to know what it does other than UI layout.

Hey Katherine, I have been through the same so maybe I can save you the same kind of wild goose chase that I have been through trying to find something to replace Antetype. I ended up with Origami. Not because it is free but because it is very powerful. It lacks the flexibility and ease of Antetype but it does produce fully interactive prototypes. So, some you gain, some you lose. I hear good things about Framer, too. I tried Marvel, InVision, Axure, UXPin and Adobe XD. The only one of those that was not immediately disappointing was Axure but it lacks the elegance of Origami. Perhaps this overview wil help you find what you need.

Good luck!

Thank you, Stephen, for the tip. Ill check that out and you might consider Sketch APP. Im looking at that now. Its not free (only 99 dollars) but the company is reliable and is well established so thinking it wont disappear. Unfortunately only has  a 5 day trial. but thats not as bad as a trial that doesn't work at all. :-)

Katherine, Sketch is not a prototyping tool. It is an alternative to Illustrator.

Hi Stephan. I was not looking for a prototype tool alone. If that is the only thing that antetype does then its defo not the tool for me.

Most of my web design over the past 25 years was created in Fireworks. Its defunct so I was looking for a hybrid that could bridge the gaps. Something with pages, artboards and layers among other things. As well as the ability to create and edit vectors--Geared toward web design not just illustration as illustrator is.

Frankly I have never ever liked illustrator. I downloaded antetype to see what it could do. But the trial was expired on download. When I contacted support all I got was a forum acct. So, I have no idea whatsoever with regard to what this software can or can not do.

You may be surprised to learn that Sketch app has recently added prototyping. Prototyping that you can actually view on your phone live. I haven't tested that out yet but the info on their site was pretty exciting and OMG Sketch is 1/3 the price of AnteType! No idea what their support is like. Which have to say, responsive support is essential. 

Ok, I get it. I did not know they had added prototyping capabilities. Sketch seems to be to illustrator what Pixelmator is to Photoshop. They all want a share of the cake. I think they are doing a great job. True to the old Avis claim "We Try Harder" (because we are only number two in the market). I am an old Illustrator man ("Can't teach an old dog new tricks") but one day I may give Sketch a chance.

As for Antetype - it is still my favourite tool for application mockup because of its superior nesting capabilities. I can drag and drop whole blocks of UI elements up, down, left, right. What it lacks in interactivity it makes up in flexibility. I have overhauled our own database program profacto ( with tens of thousands of UI blocks and thousands of dialogs. I would pay any price for a new version of Antetype. It has been an invaluable tool for me. 

Other than that, it has been quite a journey trying out different prototyping apps and understanding their take on how best to achieve what you need. I guess everyone's mission is different and prototyping is still a nascent occupation and that's why we have so many different approaches.

I've moved on to Webflow now and I'm very happy. The feature set is far richer than Antetype or anything else in the market. It's not only a super rich WYSIWYG design tool, but it integrates tons of interaction capabilities, and contrary to Antetype, generates actually usable HTML/CSS/JS code.

Totally agree with your last paragraph. We do seem to have a wide variety of approaches to what we do.

I think a lot of people will appreciate what you have said about antetypes capabilities. Especially for the nesting and drag and drop. I   I would if I were still heavy into designing and building websites and applications for mobile. Im mostly retired from that arena but still have my need of my tools. I think antetype would have been perfect for me 5 years ago when I was full on and full time into that arena. 

I wish you best of luck with antetype. Problem with any forthcoming updates. I could be wrong but I believe the software is just an aside for the Ergosign Group. Its become an afterthought, or out of sight out of mind, instead of a focused project. But what do I know. On the outside looking in. Who knows. Dead things can come back to life if enough people want it to. Possible another company will purchase the software and give it new life!

Best of luck!

I downloaded it in App Store  2 years ago,I don't know why the developers don't update it anymore.What is the matter?

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