Antetype comes with several inspectors to adjust and manage your elements' and project's properties and resources. The inspectors are always related to the front most document.

Widget Inspector

Shows all widgets available in the widget library and project.

Screen Inspector

Lists all screens and the hierarchical structure of the elements contained on the screen.

Style Inspector

Provides all size and styling properties that can be applied to a selected element. It is also used to manage widget states.

Interaction Inspector

Can be used to add and specify actions for selected elements.

Resources Inspector

All used graphics are listed and can be managed in this inspector.


Lists all steps performed by the user. Steps can be un- or re-done by selecting entries in the list.

Show/Hide Inspectors

Inspectors can be shown or hidden by the Inspectors button in the main window's tool bar or the View menu. Inspectors can also be activated by keyboard equivalents (⌥⌘+1-6) . You can show or hide all inspectors using the tool bar button or using the keyboard equivalent ⌥⌘+I.


By default, all inspectors are combined in one window, but you can rearrange or separate them by dragging the icons to a different location on the screen. If you have a larger display, it makes sense to show the screen and style inspector at the same time. To combine inspectors, just drag the icon to another inspectors icon bar.