Widgets are an essential part of Antetype. You can use the default widgets, bundled with Antetype by dragging them from the widget inspector to the canvas. If the widget is dragged to the canvas it is added to the project. The widget then also appears in the Project section of the widget library.

Tip: Make sure that only the needed widgets are stored in the project. Unused widgets will increase the file size.

The widget styling can be changed or updated. You can also create your own custom widgets, either by building them from scratch with basic elements or by duplicating an existing widget. Duplicating can be done in the widget inspector. If the widget is already stored in the project, click the circle menu button and choose Duplicate from the menu. If the widget is not yet stored in the project, choose Add to Screen.

Creating New Widgets

To create a new custom widget, select an element and click the Create Widget button in the toolbar.

Tip: If you plan to create an element that will probably be used more than once, make a widget out of it right at the beginning.

If a (modified or unmodified) widget is selected on the canvas or in the tree and the Create Widget button in the toolbar is clicked, a new widget based on the selected one is created. All changed properties that have not been updated in the original widget will be stored in the new widget, leaving the original widget untouched. You can now modify the new widget without changing the original one.

Updating and Reverting Widgets

If you modify a widget, you can propagate the changes to all other instances of the widget. In the style inspector the change is indicated by a green dot besides the property, state and widget name. If more than one property is changed, you can update each change individually, the whole style group, whole state or the whole widget by choosing update from the green dot menu. If you don't want to keep the changes, you can revert back to the original version stored in the project. by choosing revert from the green dot menu. 

A quick way to update or revert the whole widget are the buttons that at the top right corner of the style bar if a widget has been changed.

Editing and Deleting Widgets

You can delete widgets from the project, by clicking the circle menu in the widget library and choose "Delete". By choosing "Edit", you can change the name and tags of the widget.