An Antetype prototype can contain an unlimited number of screens. To create a new screen, use the Screens menu button from the main window's tool bar. The menu will show all screens that are stored in the template. You may also use the menu entry in the Elements menu or the plus button in the screen inspector. These entries will create a new blank screen.

To delete a screen, click the minus button in the screen inspector or hit either the Backspace or Delete key on the keyboard.

All screens are listed in the top area of the screen inspector. To rename a screen, double click its name. The order can be changed by drag and drop.

You can change a screen's size, layout and visual appearance via the style bar or the style inspector.

To duplicate a screen, select it and choose Duplicate from the Edit menu or press ⌘+D on the keyboard.

Screens can be linked in the interaction inspector to simulate interaction in the presentation mode.

The basic elements and widgets of a screen are shown in the screen inspector's hierarchy view and can be selected and rearranged by drag and drop. You can search for elements in the hierarchy by using the search field.