In some cases, especially for complex widgets with a content area (tabs, toolbars, etc.), not all nested elements should be stored in the widget and the content should be individual. This can be achieved by choosing Nested Cells: Individual in the style inspector.

This option is only enabled for widgets. Cells with individual content are also represented with a different icon in the screen inspector.


Normal Widget Cell

Individual Content Cell

The content will not be stored in the widget and if nested cells are deleted or new cells are nested, the green circle will not be shown, because only the hierarchy of the widget instance, not the widget is changed.

Hierarchy Update

The hierarchy of a widget can be updated in the style inspector. If an element is nested, a green circle appears behind the widget name on top of the style inspector.

Here, the hierarchy can be updated or reverted with all other property changes.

Additionally, a green circle appears in the screen inspector.

Using the menu, the hierarchy can be updated, independently from the property changes.

The updates can also be stored in the shared library and made available in all other projects.