To start the presentation mode, click the "Present" menu button in the toolbar and choose In-place or Full Screen.

In-place mode is useful if you want to try out state changes and interactions. If in-place mode is turned on, the cursor changes to the interaction cursor.

After executing some actions, you can switch to a selection cursor and make changes without leaving presentation mode. This is especially useful if you show hidden elements. Terminating in-place mode, resets the screen to the previous state, but keeps the changes made.

In full screen mode, all screens are preloaded to avoid waiting time during the presentation. You can switch between the screens using the arrow left/right keys.

You can change the zooming mode via the global menu. Just move the mouse to the top of the screen to show the menu bar. You can also use shortcuts to change the zoom of the screen.

To exit the presentation mode, press the escape (esc) key.