Free measures and notes are markup widgets within ANTETYPE that are provided to help markup screens with extra information that is useful.

The markup widgets are provided as widgets with a mind to allow users to customise the presentation of the widgets and use standard markup widgets across projects.

By default markup widgets are specification cells so their visibility can be toggled with ^S at design time or presentation time.

Free Measures

Free Measures can be dropped on any screen to display a length of an element.

As the length of a free measure is changed the number component inside the measure is updated to display a the value of the length via property binding. This means the measure can be placed at any point on a screen design to show the length of an items of interest.

By default free measures widgets are specification cells so their visibility can be toggled with ^S at design time or presentation time.

Free Notes

Free Notes can be dragged from the specification group of the widget inspector on to any screen and used to annotate the screen.


Free notes are set as Specification Cells by default and the display can be toggled with ^S.

In addition to showing and hiding the Free Notes as specification cells it can be desirable to show and hide just the leaf parts during a presentation. To enable this an interaction has to be added to each free note to make sure upon clicking the state is toggled. Once the interaction is added the free note can be clicked on in presentation mode or the web viewer to expand and hide the leaf.

Layout Issues with Markup Widgets

Markup widgets often need to float over the rest of a screen and exist outside of the active layouts within a screen. To do this we recommend creating a special "specification layer" within the hierarchy of a screen.

The "specification layer" would be a standard rectangle cell that is stretched to the height and width of the screen with left and top set to zero.

The background of the "specification layer" rectangle should be set to none and in the content section the layout should be set to free and mouse selection tick should be removed.

The "specification layer" should at the top of the hierarchy and at the bottom of the list of elements on the screen. You may also change the z-index or set the specification layer to "float above all.

If the screen is using vertical or horizontal layout it will also be necesary to make the "specification layer" use floating layout and set the vertical and horizontal alginment to top and left respectively.

All markup widgets can then be nested in this layer and freely positioned.