To assist in the creation of specification documents for a design ANTETYPE can create specification screens for individual widgets.

Specification screens are like other screens but the content is generated for the user based on a given widget. The layout of specification screens is controlled by a set of specification widgets and the content inside the specification screen updates dynamically as the widgets are updated using property binding.

For a given widget a screen is generated that displays the widget in each of the different states with details about the size, colors and fonts used within the widget.

Specification screens can be further enhanced manually by adding more measures and other notes and data.

Creating a specification

A widget specification screen can be created from the context menu in the widget inspector or on a widget instance or using the Elements menu when a widget instance is selected.

The specification screen behaves in all respects just as any other screen, the only difference being that the content is automatically generated and placed within the screen. The content can be styled, modified or even deleted just as on any other screen and the styles for all specification screens can be set centrally using the underlying widgets.

Most of the content in the specification screen dynamically updates using property binding so that changes to widgets are immediately reflected in the specification screens.

Customising a specification

The content of a specification screen is automatically generated, but and styling of the specification screens can be modified just like any widgets within ANTETYPE.

When a specification screen is first created a set of special widgets are added to the widget inspector, these widgets are hidden so to find them the hidden filter must be used.

All of the widgets are prefixed with ATSPEC and are not initially created within the shared library, but can easily be added so that they can be shared across projects.

NOTE:The naming of the specification widgets is very important and if the widget names are changed ANTETYPE will create new widgets with the same names so display caution when editing the widget names.