ANTETYPE prototypes can be exported and viewed in a browser. Choose Export > Web Viewer… from the toolbar.

You can select individual screens and look & feels inside the export dialog, to reduce the footprint of your exports and increase performance.

A folder will be created on the hard disk and the default browser will be opened. To open the web viewer again, just open the index.html file on top level. You can also put the Web Viewer folder on a web server and host your prototype.

Pressing the option key, the interactive elements are highlighted. Antetype tries to automatically convert all used fonts into Web-fonts displayable in the browser without local install of the font. Some fonts can't converted automatically by Antetype. In this case a warning appears. Clicking in the "Font Options"-button allows to fix the issues:

This dialog shows the used font-families and the conversion status:
  • "Converted automatically" Antetype converted the font, it will display in the web viewer without problems
  • "Choose…" allows to choose a Web-font (WOFF-format) of the corresponding font.
  • Fall Back allows to enter a CSS fall-back for the font.



The web viewer has a toolbar to choose the screen and look and feel and back/forward buttons to go from screen to screen. In the toolbar you can also toggle the visibility of specification cells and enter full screen mode to hide the toolbar. Pressing the ESC-key exits full screen.

​Known Browser Issues

Chrome for Windows: Edges are not antialiased. There is no option in Chrome to enable antialiasing in the current Chrome version.
iOS: Issues with rotation, bigger screens, especially in iPhone 6