Antetype prototypes can be exported and viewed on an iPhone or iPad.

The native Antetype iOS Viewer app is available for free on the App Store.

​Choose Export > iOS Version from the Antetype toolbar. You can select which screens to include from the export dialog.

Adding Files

There are two ways to get the resulting .iosatype file on the iPhone or iPad.


You can connect to your Dropbox account from within the toolbar of the app and navigate to the folder that contains the .iosatype file. You can also download zipped .iosatype files, which will increase up and download speed.

To sync .iosatype files, connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, open iTunes and choose the device in the top bar or side bar. Now choose Apps and scroll down to the file sharing section. If you choose Antetype in the Apps list, you see all files stored on the device. You can now add new files via the Add… button on the bottom of the list or delete files by pressing the Delete or Backspace key.

Using the app

The synced files are shown in a gallery view and you can open them from there with a single tap. You can also search for files via the toolbar.

If a file is opened you can swipe through all screens. All interactions you defined in Antetype, including rotation, will also work in the iOS Viewer.

To show the toolbar in full screen mode, double tap on the screen. To go back to the gallery view, tap the gallery button.

You can pinch and zoom the screens or choose one of the zooming modes from the toolbar.

Removing Files

To remove files from the app you can either do it via iTunes as described above or click and hold a thumbnail in the gallery view of the app.