Hidden Shortcuts

⌥ + New Cell: Add cell inside selected cell
⌥ + Mouse over screen inspector tree view entries highlights cells on the canvas
Space while dragging to move the canvas (hand cursor)
CTRL while dragging disables snapping
TAB select next element on canvas
⇧ TAB select previous element on canvas
⌘ ↑ select parent element on canvas

⌘ ↓ select first nested element on canvas
⌘ while dragging graphic resources from the resource inspector or Finder over a screen or cell sets the resource as background fill 
Double-click widget or resource in the inspector to add it to the canvas, next to the selected element
⌥ + double-click widget or resource in the inspector to add it to the canvas, inside the selected element

Contextual menu on status bar entries:
On the screen entry: List of screens
On a cell entry: List of nested cells (cells are highlighted on the canvas on mouse over)

Presentaion mode
← → Arrow keys to switch screens
⌥ shows cell with interactions
ESC Exit presentation mode

Menu Shortcuts

Preferences ⌘,
Hide Antetype ⌘H
Hide Others ⌥⌘H
Quit Antetype ⌘Q

New ⌘ N

Open ⌘ O       
Close ⌘ W
Save ⌘ S
Save as S
Screen as  Graphic ⌘E
Selected Elements as Graphic ⌘E
Web Viewer Version ⌘E
iOS Version ⌃E
Undo ⌘Z
Redo ⌘Z
Cut ⌘X
Copy ⌘C
Paste ⌘V
Paste Inside ⌘V
Replace ⌘R
Copy Styles ⌥⌘C
Copy CSS ⌃⌘
Paste Styles ⌥⌘V
Select All ⌘A
Select All States ⌃⌘A
Duplicate ⌘D
Show Spelling and Grammar ⌘:
Speical Characters ⌃⌘Space 
New Rectangle ⌘N
New Rectangle Inside Cell ⌥⇧⌘N
New Table ⌃⇧⌘N
New Widget from Selection ⇧⌘W
New Screen ⇧⌘N
Group ⌘G
Group in Vertical Flow Layout ⇧⌘G
Group in Horizontal Flow Layout ⌥⌘G
Group in Free Layout ⌃⌘G
Group in Stacked Layout ⌥⇧⌘G
Bring Forward ⌥⇧⌘F
Bring to Front ⇧⌘F
Send Backward ⌥⇧⌘B
Send to Back ⇧⌘B
Show Fonts ⌘T
Bold ⌘B
Italic ⌘I
Underline ⌘U
Paste Style (Font) ⌃⌘V
Present Full Screen ⌥⌘P
Present In-place ⌘⌃P
Show/Hide Style Bar ⇧⌘T
Show Status Bar ⌘/
Show/Hide All Inspectors ⌥⌘I
Screen Inspector ⌥⌘1
Widget Inspector ⌥⌘2
Style Inspector ⌥⌘3
Interaction Inspector ⌥⌘4
Resources Inspector ⌥⌘5
History Inspector ⌥⌘6
Image Chooser ⌘R
Fonts ⌘T
Colors ⇧⌘C
Show/Hide All Smart Guides ⇧⌘H
Show/Hide Selection ⌃H
Show/Hide Specification Cells ⌃S
Next Screen ⌥⌘→
Previous Screen ⌥⌘← 
Hide Toolbar ⌥⌘T
Minimize Window ⌘M
In ⌘+
Out ⌘-
Actual Size ⌘0 
Fit to Screen ⇧⌘0
Fit in Width ⌃⌘0


Direct D
Parent P
Topmost Parent T
Interaction R

In-place Style Editors
Visibility V or ⌘1
Size S or ⌘2
Fill F or ⌘3
Borders B or ⌘4
Layout L or ⌘5
Rounded Corners C or ⌘6
Margin M or ⌘7
Padding G or ⌘8
Drop Shadow O ⌘9
Inner Shadow I or ⌃1
Float A or ⌃2

⌘ Command (cmd)
⌃ Control

⇧ Shift
⌥ Option (alt)