Specification widgets are built using normal Antetype widgets that can be customised like any other Antetype widgets.

These ATSPEC widgets are hidden by default from the normal widget view.

Sometimes a customised custom widget can corrupt specification screens to be generated - in these cases it is required to delete all the ATSPEC widgets - this document shows you how.


Show Hidden ATSPEC Widgets

  1. Open the Widget Inspector Menu
  2. Ensure that there is a tick next to the Hidden option


Filter the Widget view to only show ATSPEC widgets

You should see 8

Delete each ATSPEC Widget

  1. Click on the menu button for each widget
  2. Select Delete

Do this for all 8 ATSPEC Widgets

Also ensure that all ATSPEC widgets are removed from the shared library


Select a widget and choose Create Specification

A new screen should be created that looks similar to this


Check back in the Widget Inspector to see if there are 8 new ATSPEC Widgets